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Going Green

Here at Paulett Wines we have been busy trying to do our bit.

 LET THE SUN SHINE ON In the middle of 2010 we had A series of solar panels erected on the winery roof, 56 to be exact. Not only are we taking pressure of grid but we are putting back into it. It's a nice feeling to know we are doing our bit and what makes it sweeter is the $0- power bills!

RECYLING WATER THROUGH OUR REED BEDS As most of you are aware water is a very precious commodity. Out here at the winery we definitely rely on the gods as our only water is Rain water and very little from our bores. So every drop counts. When the wine tanks are empty of wine we use them as rain water tanks to catch as much as possible. And once we have used that, we use it again by taking the grey water and filter it through our reed beds to be recycled onto our garden & vineyards.

BUSH DEVINE We've planted an Indigenous Australian Bush Food Garden. Over 2,500 m², 80+ different species, 1000+ plants in total inc. trees, shrubs, ground covers, climbers and wetland species for the 'frog bog'. The garden provides valuable habitat for birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects. In creating this garden we replanting a lot of natives that where once removed helping to rebuild local habitat, improving biodiversity values. Environmentally friendly techniques used to manage the 'garden' are recycling of grey water, mulching using grape waste, smart irrigation. Also we designed the garden using companion planting & plant selection to help shade and nurture more delicate plants, and help control with pest and weeds.